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Western Economic Council

Scholarship and Citizenship Award – 2020

The Western Economic Council (“WEC”) is offering four $1,750 scholarship and citizenship grants to 2020 high school graduates who are residents of Western Hamilton County.  The awards are for use by the grant winners in pursuing college, trade or vocational educations upon graduating from high school.

Residency Requirement:  Applicants must reside within the geographic boundaries of Western Hamilton County (west of Hamilton Avenue, south of Butler County, east of the Indiana State Line and north of the Ohio River).

Application Requirements:  Each application must be typed and well organized for review by the Committee.  There is no prescribed application form, but applicants in their own words must provide the following material and information, and meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must include their names, addresses, telephone numbers and the high schools from which they will be graduating;
  • Each applicant must be eligible to receive a high school diploma at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year and have an average GPA equivalent of a grade level of “B” or better;
  • Applicants must include their high school grade transcripts evidencing the courses they took in high school and their grades in each course;
  • Applicants must include two letters of reference from their high school teachers or counselors;
  • Applicants must describe their extracurricular interests and activities. These may include sports, academic clubs, music and outside jobs, and should particularly focus on volunteer work and other ways in which the applicant has contributed to his or her community;
  • Applicants should describe their current career ambitions and why they chose the academic programs for which they are seeking WEC scholarship and citizenship awards;
  • All application material in an applicant’s submission must be well organized. Applicants are encouraged to be creative in the design of their submittal, and may include attachments with artwork or photos that they believe will help the Committee understand their skills, achievements, and educational goals;
  • Applications should be sent to WEC Scholarship/Citizenship Award Attn: Frank Birkenhauer, 6303 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45247 or emailed to with Subject Line: WEC Scholarship {Applicant Name}

Applications must be received by May 4, 2020.

Determination of Awards:  All determinations by the Committee will be final.  Awards to qualified applicants will be announced in June, 2020 and recipients would be awarded the scholarship at the June 2020 breakfast meeting of the Western Economic Council.

Exclusions:  Relatives and other members of the households of the Board of Trustees of WEC are not eligible for awards. 

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